RSES and Rseslib - Rough Set Exploration System. Machine-learning software developed in my department

WEKA - Waikato Environment for Knowledge Analysis. Data mining software from University of Waikato, New Zealand

R - software environment for statistical computing

Computational Maps in the Visual Cortex - computational models of visual perception. Research on the boundary between informatics and neuroscience

Tomaso Poggio's lab - computer vision and neuroscience

Yann LeCun's homepage - benchmark datasets for character recognition (OCR), MNIST

Image data - benchmark databases for computer vision algorithms

AI & Machine Learning links on Włodzisław Duch's homepage - thoughts about sales, in Polish. By Artur Kuć

Apartments "Przy Potoku" (pl) - guest rooms and apartments in Zakopane, Tatra Mountains

Katechezy Neokatechumenalne (pl) - polecam!

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