Here you can find a random subset of my presentations, which by some chance I have found in the final version. Description in language X means that the content is also in X.

PIC@ESA2014Proper Interval Completion is SUBEPT; ESA 2014, September 2014
HitSub@MFCS2014Hitting subgraphs parameterized by treewidth; MFCS 2014, August 2014
FPTSchool: 1 2 3 4Lectures from FPT School; Będlewo, August 2014
SubIso@STACS2014Everything you always wanted to know about the parameterized complexity of Subgraph Isomorphism; STACS 2014, March 2014
LP@Finse: 1 2 3Tutorial on LP branching with Marcin Pilipczuk; Finse, March 2014
Subexp@Dagstuhl2014Subexponential parameterized algorithms for completion problems (Part 2); Dagstuhl seminar on graph modification problems, February 2014
Bisection@BertinoroMinimum Bisection is FPT; Third Bertinoro Workshop on Graphs, December 2013
PhD DefensePresentation from the PhD defense; UiB, November 2013
Tournaments@GROWOverview talk on containment problems in tournaments; GROW 2013, October 2013
ExpandersTrial lecture on expander graphs and their applications; UiB, September 2013
Treedepth@IPECComputing tree-depth faster than 2n; IPEC 2013, September 2013
Cutwidth@ESASubexponential parameterized algorithm for the cutwidth of semi-complete digraphs; ESA 2013, September 2013
RC@WORKERDesigning FPT algorithms for cut problems using randomized contractions; Workshop on Kernels 2013, April 2013
Tournaments@DagstuhlOverview talk on containment problems in tournaments; Dagstuhl seminar on bidimensional structures, March 2013
Tournaments@STACS2013Computing cutwidth and pathwidth of semi-complete digraphs via degree orderings; STACS 2013, March 2013
Clustering@STACS2013Tight bounds for parameterized complexity of Cluster Editing; STACS 2013, March 2013
J,B&FPT@SODA2013Jungles, bundles, and fixed-parameter tractability; SODA 2013, January 2013
ECC@SODA2013Known algorithms for Edge Clique Cover are probably optimal; SODA 2013, January 2013
Tutorial@IPEC2012Lower bounds for polynomial kernelization; tutorial during IPEC 2012, September 2012
J,B&FPTJungles, bundles and fixed-parameter tractability; Second Bertinoro Workshop on Graphs, December 2011
MinoryTeoria minorów; referat na XLVII Szkole Matematyki Poglądowej, Sierpień 2011
CC@YRFPresentation on 3-Compatible Colouring; YRF 2011, August 2011
ECML@MFCSPresentation on ECML; MFCS 2011, August 2011
PoznańPresentation about FPT on the seminar of DM group in Poznań, April 2011
ATGAlgebraiczna teoria grafów; referat na XLVI Szkole Matematyki Poglądowej, Luty 2011
d-deg@WorKerKernelization hardness in d-degenerate graphs; Workshop on Kernels 2010, November 2010


The list of problems from programming competitions I am a (co)author of.

Particle SwappingNCPC 2014
How many squares?NCPC 2014
Train PassengersNCPC 2014
TreesNCPC 2013
JuiceNCPC 2012
SticksXVIII OI, final round
GarbageXVIII OI, second round
Army trainingPA 2010, final round
RiddlePA 2010, round 6
EvacuationPA 2010, round 4
LightsXV OI, final round, practice day
TollXV OI, first round