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My software

  • eCAMBer - software developed for supporting large-scale comparative analysis of multiple bacterial strains.
  • CAMBer - software developed for supporting comparative analysis of multiple bacterial strains. The first version of CAMBer.
  • GWAMAR - software developed for assessment of drug resistance-associated mutations in bacteria.
  • RTF Copy/Paste - Netbeans plugin to support copying of the editor content with formatting in RTF format.
  • APCluster plugin - Java implementation (as a plugin to Cytoscape) of the affinity propagation clustering algorithm.
  • Nonsol - Simple program for solving Nonogram puzzles.

Seminar and conference presentations


DNA graffiti
DNA graffiti;)

Some of my favourite music albums/musicians

  • Tim Minchin
  • Greydon Square (Kardashev Scale)
  • Eminem (Recovery)
  • TeTris (Naturalnie EP)