Mikolaj Konarski

A link to my new homepage.

I preserve with solicitude my old home page (1995), from the times, when I was a student at MIMUW.

Now, I'm a young scientist, taking part in the activities of the Applied Logic Group.

cross123.gif Jesus is my Lord thanks to the Charismatic Renewal in the Roman Catholic Church.

Today I belong to the Roman Catholic community Woda Zycia.

Sometimes I pray at the Faculty.

I'm working on Dule --- a categorical module system and a programming language.

I'm still responsible for the EML Kit project.

Some time ago I had programmed a toy interpreter of the Dijkstra's language.

I've prepared, together with Marcin Benke and Grzegorz Grudzinski, some teaching materials for the Standard ML labs: Tajny Skrypt Lab SML.

Here are oil paintings by my Father --- Stefan Konarski (photos made by Zdzisław Mianowski). And here is the Law Office of my Mother --- Teresa Konarska.


I would like to declare that I wholeheartedly sympathize with these students which are harmed by the system of control over the progress with studying. By giving marks, I myself have become a tool of this system, but I will not forget that, when I studied, it did not bring me any good. The opposite, it did cost me much health and took a lot of my precious time which I intended to spend on learning, and then on research. I desire with all my might that the internal, noble motivation for studying become common. At the same time I grieve that people of mature personality, which could gain and contribute most during studies, are being especially strongly humiliated, tied and discouraged by the system of forcing to learn.