Washington, DC: around the White House — restricted area

I can see the barriers that extend on both sides of the pathway leading through The Elipse. Behind the barriers, every few meters, there is a Secret Service agent, Then there is a provisional fence with red warnings, not to get closer. Then nothing — just empty space, and then the actual fence. Behind the fence a lawn and far away, almost on the horizon of the White House. There is nothing noble in this view – the ugly and stretching hundreds of meters barriers dominate the landscape. Unpleasant, hostile, without a smile (even though it is US). Every few minutes, the planes taking off from the airport on the other side of the Potomac add to the charm. But even they rather give the impression that you are in some sort of suburbs, not in the heart of the capital. I took a few photos from the crowded place of a narrow alley and left the place quickly.

On the other side (where you can get walking around a big cluster of formidable neoclassical government buildings), protesters gather after dark. The words “traitor in chief” prevails – meaning a day like everyday. The police asks everyone to move 10 meters further from the barrier, behind which there is a barrier, behind which there is a fence. A bit further on from a stand on a street corner country music is on at full blast.

(July 2018)