The Hague — defnitely Escher

Yet another Dutch city, so a city which is the same but different. The same, because again – channels and red brick. There is also (again the same) famous art museum, or Mauritshuis, small, yet with a high density of amazing pieces, such as the wonderful “Girl with a pearl” by Vermeer and his view of Delft, but also the famous “Anatomy lesson of doctor Tulp” and a self-portrait Rembrandt. So the museum cannot be avoided, but nevertheless museums that cannot be avoided are common in Dutch cities and towns.

What is different is the capital, or the Binnehof buildings (the seat of the parliament and the government), reflecting picturesquely in the Hofvijver pond. However, for me the whole image of the Hague was definitely obscured the Escher Museum. How not to love his works! Intertwined with other visual-mathematical-artistic experiments.

(August 2018)