Siemianówka Reservoir — in search of birds

(July 2020, with mum, dad and Kasia)

Looking at the Siemianówka Reservoir, you can think of the sunken Orthodox villages here (Bołtryki, Garbary, Łuka, Budy, Rudnia), the tragic fate of looking at your home and village, beautifully situated in the charming Narew Valley, for the last time.

There is a lake here instead of former villages, and water birds live here instead of people. We came to look at them. Without tele-lens, only few of them could be captured, but wagtails, black-headed gulls, terns, ducks, herons, swans, thrushes, harriers, and maybe even a distant white-tailed eagle and a lot of tiny birds hiding in the reeds accompanied us all the time.