Rome: around Piazza Navona — perking our heads up

(February 2020, with Kasia, Michalina and Michał)

It is not the church in Rome in which we quite often perk our heads up. Here, in Sant’Andrea della Valle, we do it to look at the perfect and huge dome, whose interior, letting in light gently through the windows, is covered with frescoes of Evangelists and the Assumption of Mary. They set up mirrors here, but it is not the same as looking directly at the ceilings dripping with gold.

We also perked our heads up with Kasia in the Palazzo Altemps, a part of the National Roman Museum. Because although we also looked at Roman sculptures and frescoes exhibited here, it was also impossible to overlook the interesting and rich wooden and painted palace vaults.

And finally, Santo Luigi dei Francesi, you stretch your neck, rather than perk your head up, to see from behind the crowds the famous Caravaggio paintings depicting the life of Saint. Matthew.