Pilatus: peak — mountain goats or hotels

Two steep rocky peaks protrude from the Pilatus massif. The small pass between them, however, fits as many as two hotels and two stations of funiculars (about which soon). So it is crowded and bourgeois. Fortunately, I managed to be here in front of the whole crowd, so ran up first up the stone, and sometimes unfortunately concrete stairs, to the first of the peaks. However, I was not alone – I met a mountain goat, which, however, quickly disappeared at the sight of the oncoming crowds. But the views of snow-covered four-thousanders in the distance are impressive.

From the pass of the hotels, there is a tunnel going through one of the peaks leading to a viewpoint in a rocky slope on the other side and then by a metal staircase to a small pass. There is definitely no shortage of views here.

For one thing, the hotel was useful — great apple pie with good coffee after returning from a rainy walk.

(June 2018)