New York City (NY): Lower Manhattan: Wall Street and around — queue for the bull butt

(with mom, July 2018)

Judging by the crowds, the biggest highlight of this part of New York City is the opportunity to touch the bull. The bull obviously symbolizes stock market increases and was set illegally on the sculptor’s own initiative by the New York Stock Exchange in 8 minutes, which was the interval between police patrols there. It was moved by the city authorities a bit further to the very end of Broadway.

But this is the most historic fragment of New York City in general. It was here that a Dutch buyer “bought” the Isle of Man-a-hatt-ta from local Indians for goods valued at $24. By the way, the name Wall Street comes from the fact that city walls ran there separating the settlers of New, then Amsterdam, from the unknown and perhaps hostile land. Here is the historic Trinity Church, with graves of the famous, such as Hamilton. Here Washington took the presidential oath.

Well, of course there is also the stock exchange and there is also the bull. The whole world seems to want to touch the bull. Crowds gather around it. Everyone wants a selfie and wants to touch. Even if only its butt.