Neuchâtel — town carved from butter

(June 2018)

Alexandre Dumas, looking at the picturesque town of Neuchâtel, with a castle and a collegiate church on a slope above the mighty lake, and the historic center located below on the terrain accumulated for centuries by a small river, wrote that it looks as if it was carved out of butter. And indeed, the local sandstone, from which everything is built here, and plasters in all the colors of yellow, make it impossible not to agree with it. And the colors of butter are available here in a full range – from slightly sandy, well-frozen butter, through strong yellow, like clarified butter, to almost orange – a bit nauseous, like rancid butter. Additionally, the afternoon sun in June gives the impression that all those houses, castles, towers and churches made of butter are about to start to dissolve and stick to everything with greasy goo. So I would say that Dumas did not add anything positive to the aesthetic impressions of visitors, of this otherwise pretty Swiss town.