Madrid: around La Castellana — Saint Francis and splendour

St John the Baptist lays in the wilderness on a stone slab. He points as usually to a lamb. Beside him there is a huge plant which looks like gooseberry but its fruit is bigger than the head of the Saint. Some birds feed from the fruits of the plant, but one of the birds seems to lay dead nearby.

But outside the frames of this painting by Bosch — full splendour. Rooms dripping with gold with painted ceilings. In the adjacent room Saint Francis, portrayed by El Greco, looks up at one of those ceilings with eyes full with prayer. It is not clear whether marble table and golden frames suit him.

A sabbath of witches, who poisoned their children to attract the devil, takes place behind the wall. The devil is imagined by Goya as a creature resembling a goat dressed as a tree.

All this you can find in the house and museum of Lazaro-Galdiano a famous art collector who lived in the first half of 20 century, and who in his will gave the collection to the state, creating one of the most fascinating museums in Madrid.

(with Kasia, March 2018)