Lyon: outside the city — through the zoo every day

The zoo in Lyon is open in the sense that you can simply cross it during everyday walk. This is exactly how our every morning (sunny, but sometimes slightly frosty) looked like — a walk to the conference site via the zoo.

I have also photographed the airport train station Lyon Saint Exupery inside out. This was a request from Kasia — the building is well known among architects. Startling with its space, form and details, and reminding me of a large insect. On the other hand, the station is not very cosy, slightly empty and cold.

And the centre of Villeurbanne, which is formally an independent city surrounded by Lyon, and which is also a hometown for University of Lyon. The Gratte-ciel neighbourhood in the centre, consists of “skyscrapers” from the thirties. Slightly modernistic in style, but with a distinct soviet scent. Definitely an interesting place.

(November 2017)