Lucerne: Löwen — monumental

The Löwen district is named after the mighty lion carved into the rock. The lion is mortally wounded and is dying, and the surroundings make you prone for emotions, because it is in a small park by a picturesque pond. It commemorates over 600 Swiss guardsmen massacred during the French Revolution in the service of the French king.

Of monumental things, there is also the church of the city’s patron, Saint Leodegar, which occupies a small hill close to the shore of the lake. And the views of the mountains surrounding the lake, well, they are also monumental.

In addition, the large Museum of Transportation – apart from the transportation is also concentrated on the mountains. With displays about all three levels of railway lines in the vicinity of the Saint Gotthard Pass – from the steep Rhaetian railways, and the old tunnel to which trains run up in loops and bends, to the new 57-kilometer long deepest tunnel in the world that enables getting to the other side of the pass, which for centuries was a real challenge being available only in a few summer months, in about 20 minutes.

(June 2018)