Lausanne: Vidy — to a conference with a tent

Accommodation in Switzerland, obviously, is not cheap. So, going to three conferences in a row, and all in Lausanne, I decided to spend two of them in a tent. The decision had pros and cons. A con: the frequent storms – but my Marabut, as always, survived everything flawlessly. Advantages: sunrises and sunsets on Lake Geneva, brisk bathing in the lake in the morning, coverage of French (i.e. European-roaming friendliness in contrast to the Swiss) cellular network from the other distant shore of the lake, and a sense of freedom, and, let’s say, youth.

By the way, district Vidy is not only famous because I have slept in a tent there. Also because the seat of the IOC is here, and it lies on the remains of Roman settlement and port – hence the park with barely perceptible Roman remains and a fairly rich museum.

(June 2018)