Lausanne: the cathedral — looking at the city from above

(June 2018)

Looking at the city from above is something that has spread so much that it may have even become a tourist-cliché. Every major city has a place (like this cathedral tower), where you can enter for smaller or larger change and look at it from above. But, well, I like to use such opportunities anyway. Because this activity seems a bit metaphysical to me.

I especially like to look down on cities at the end of my stay in them. It is best when no mischievous sign indicates what to look at and what I see. I just like to walk once more, this time only with my eyes, around the city, visiting the roofs and towers of the churches seen before, looking for the notches of narrow streets I have walked, the colors of umbrellas of bars or cafes where I have stopped for a quick coffee, or more or less serious conversations. Bridges stretched over the busy valleys of this city, from which I have also looked down. I can move from one end of the city to the other in a second, from the Technological University area in the suburbs, to the stairs leading to the cathedral located on a high hill in the middle of the city. In a few moments I can travel the tens of kilometers of coast of the majestic Lake Geneva, overtake trolleybuses, ships and trains. Then I have the impression of being in control not only over space, but even a little bit over time.