Karkonosze: Śnieżne Kotły, Pielgrzymy, Samotnia — views from below

This was the day of looking at the Karkonosze from below, that is, from the trail that goes along the upper level of the forest on the slopes below the range. This perspective does not diminish them at all, and even complements their character. Because there can be only few views more impressive than over Śnieżne Kotły from the ponds, or more beautiful than the Kocioł Małego Stawu picturesquely reflected in its surface. Thus, the shelter beneath Łabski Szczyt, blueberries, Czarny Kocioł, the views of the Karkonoska Pass, Pilgrims and evening stars can be regarded only s supplements to this long, hot and sweaty day.

(with Ra, August 2018)