Gruyères — medival land of views and cheese

(June 2018)

Going on winding tracks, sometimes quite uphill, a small train rolls into the Gruyeres station. I get out, a bit like in the middle of nowhere. But when the train leaves, I see what was hiding behind it. Fancifully bent limestone peaks, and against them a hill with a tiny medieval town. It is impossible to enter it by car – paths and stairs lead uphill from the local car parks.

And behind the gate in the city walls, a small cobbled square bent in accordance with the shape of the hill, surrounded by tenement houses from the 15th and 16th centuries. Going up along the town axis, you come across a castle and a church located a little lower, under the city walls, which is guarded by a cat, which really doesn’t care, as long as the sun shines on it. And here and there it smells like cheese. Because Gruyeres is not only a town, but a famous maturing and delicate cheese.