Columbus, OH: centre — fear, hope and progress

There is little to do in Columbus, OH, although it is almost a city with million citizens. It was difficult for me to fill one day while accompanying my mother at her conference. The air that clings to this city as a wet and hot mass does not make it easier. Despite the fact that it lies in the northern part of USA.

Going along a perfectly rectangular (of course) grid of streets, you can look for a rest in the centre, where iced coffee is sold in cups of sizes that in Europe would have to be called XXXL. Plus for the flowers surrounding the state parliament building and the old church – both completely dimmed with high buildings, which nevertheless pretentiously occupy a perfectly square area in this, everywhere else, a two-story city. Relief can also be sought in the old town of German immigrants south of the center, which has preserved its climate of red brick interspersed with lush greenery and shadow associated with it.

However, the air conditioning brings the most relief. For example, in COSI – the science center on the other side of the river (on the bridge a deer sculpture, which probably thinks about committing suicide, leaning over the railing). The science center is a mixture of a Copernicus-style science center with an amusement park. You can shoot here from water cannons, but you can also see the section through a sequoia remembering almost 2,000 years. On the reconstructed street from the Wild West, there are tapestries in one of the houses. About development, fear and hope.

(July 2018)