Białowieża Forest: Górniańskie Meadows — it is dry on the wet meadows

(with Kasia, July 2020)

We threw our bikes into the bushes and began to wade through reeds and overgrown meadows along and across. This reserve, officially a part of the Białowieża Forest (in Hajnówka Forest District) for several years, was designed to recreate the natural valley of the Chwiszczej and is sometimes a great refuge for birds. But I have never seen this place so dry. What is strange, because the flooding of this area is artificially controlled on one of the culverts. Although it took us almost 3 hours to walk 6km through wild meadows and thickets, we did it almost with a dry foot. The observation tower (although apparently renovated 5 years ago) is more and more in total disarray. After the promised nature trail, there is hardly a trace. But we met many winged ones anyway, including two beautiful cranes, but we also woke up one doe from an afternoon nap under a bush.