Bern: Old Town: E part — the jester of time

For centuries, people, every hour, are staring at the following spectacle. Almost four minutes before the full hour the rooster crows. Then the jester rings with two bells hanging over him. Since it is a jester, it is only a joke – the full hour has not come yet. But it still triggers the procession of armed bears. And then the rooster, as if they want to amend the situation, crows for the second time. This time it gets serious, because it awakens bearded Chronos, the God of Time, who immediately turns his hourglass and raises the scepter, ordering the striking of the hour. An hour is struck by the golden knight on the top of the tower, hitting the big bell with his hammer. Then the rooster crows for the third time. Third time’s a charm, because this time it properly announces the beginning of the new hour.

(June 2018)