About me

I hold a PhD in mathematics (at the University of Warsaw). Scientifically I am interested in set theory, here you can read more about my research — mainly in the structure of the real line. Additionally, I am interested in some set-theoretic aspects of automata theory.

I have also graduated in computer science. Sometimes I do something as a programmer.

I like teaching. So I sometimes do teach, mainly students at the University of Warsaw. Some stuff prepared for my students you can find here.

As we know, maths taught in many schools lacks all which makes mathematics fun, and… ok, let’s use the great word, beautiful. For me mathematics is an amazing feature of the world and a proof of the greatness of human mind and human capabilities. Therefore I make some attempts related to popular science.

I am the husband of my gorgeous wife Kasia, who is a physicist. I usually spend my free time and free money on traveling. I willingly travel into mountains or simply far. I take pictures, sometimes make music and write my songs. I play guitar and ukulele.

I am a scout leader. I have led a scout group, and now I work with other leaders, in particular I lead courses for new scout leaders.

You can find my full CV here.

Mathematics, set theory, travels, mountains