5. Presentation

Few examples of quite good presentations

None is perfect, but it is worth to see them. Recognise elements or features you like while watching them.

Rules of a good presentation

We have created them during the class! You have listed the following rules. A good presentation is:

  • consistent,
  • clear,
  • has not too much text,
  • dynamic, with interesting animations
  • unconventional,
  • has nice and attractive graphical design,
  • has well chosen colors (subdued) and fonts,
  • of suitable length,
  • comprehensible,
  • has humorous elements,
  • has images of good quality and matching the content,
  • is directed to the recipient,
  • has logical sequence,
  • has structure,
  • most important things are highlighted,
  • minimum of special effects,
  • gives examples and alternatives,
  • less is more.

Less is more

This is my favourite rule:

  • less text — not everything has to be written. Only ideas. Or even only one idea per slide.
  • instead of excessive text use photos (but not cliparts!) symbolizing your idea
  • simple and clear structure of a presentation
  • graphical integrity: low number of well chosen colours, low number (e.g. 3) of consequently used fonts.
  • simple and consistent transitions between slides


Create a presentation about your hobby using Libre Office Impress. The presentation should include at least $6$ well prepared slides, including title slide and use some elements of animations (e.g. transitions), but in a reasonable way — see above. All materials used in the presentation should be used in a way consistent with their licence (usually it means giving the information about the author).

What will be taken into account?

  • does the presentation present the topic in an interesting way?
  • is it reasonable in the graphical aspect: nice and pleasant to watch
  • is it reasonable in the graphical aspect: readable
  • technicalities: title slide, structure, etc.
  • animation, it it used and if so is it used in a reasonable way.

Obviously some of above seem somehow subjective. Therefore your presentation will be graded not only by me but also by a graphic designer, and we will calculate the average grade.

I expect a .pdf and a .odp file. There is a possibility to create your presentation using Prezi. In this case send me a link and share the presentation.