Laure Daviaud

An introduction to the algebraic theory of rationnal languages (and a little bit of topology)

MFPS 2017 (Ljubljana-13/06/17) - slides - invited tutorial

Asymptotic behaviours of min-plus and max-plus automata and related questions

MFCS 2017 (Aalborg-22/08/17) - slides 1, slides 2

Seminar Manchester University (Manchester-23/11/16) - slides

PGMO Days 2016 (Palaiseau-09/11/16) - slides - invited

Seminar Warsaw University (Warsaw-12/10/16)

Seminar ULB (Bruxelles-22/09/16)

ILAS 2016-minisymposium Tropical linear algebra and beyond (12/07/16) - slides - invited

PhD defense (22/09/14) - slides

Seminar LIGM (Marnes-la-Vallée-27/05/14) - slides

Seminar LSV (Cachan-13/05/14) - slides

Groupe de travail FREC (Marseille-30/04/14) - slides

About max-plus automata and size-change abstraction

Workshop DICE (Eindhoven-02/04/16) - slides

Journées du GT ALGA (Paris-30/03/15) - slides

Seminar LIP (Lyon-05/03/15) - slides

Seminar LACL (Créteil-26/01/15) - slides

Seminar LABRI (Bordeaux-16/12/14) - slides

MFCS 2014 (Budapest-26/08/14) - slides

HIGHLIGHTS of Logic, Games and Automata 2014 (Paris-04/09/14) - slides

Seminar LITIS (Rouen-24/10/13) - slides

About min-plus automata

Seminar I2M (Marseille-20/01/15)

Seminar LIF (Marseille-25/03/14) - slides

STACS 2013 (Kiel-02/03/13) - slides

HIGHLIGHTS of Logic, Games and Automata 2013 (Paris-19/09/13) - slides

Seminar Warsaw University (Warsaw-12/06/13)

Classes of languages generated by the Kleene star of a word

Conference Topology and Languages (Toulouse-23/06/16) - slides - invited

MFCS 2015 (Milan-27/08/15) - slides

AMS-EMS-SPM International meeting 2015 (Porto-11/06/15) - slides - invited

A generalised twinning property for minimisation of cost register automata

Journées du GT ALGA (Marseille-12/04/16) - slides

Seminar LABRI (Bordeaux-09/02/16) - slides