Algebraic Geometry Conference

Bedlewo, Poland, July 8th - 15th, 2006

The aim of the conference was to celebrate 70th birthday of Professor Andrzej Bialynicki-Birula who was the founder of an algebraic geometry group at Warsaw University. The present conference concerned recent developments in the fields related to the research of Bialynicki-Birula and his students.

Main topics:

  • algebraic groups, group actions
  • linearization problems
  • moduli and parametrizing spaces
  • surfaces and higher dimensional geometry
  • toric geometry
List of invited speakers: Marco Andreatta, Gottfried Barthel, Michel Brion, Frederic Campana, Jim Carrell, Daniel Daigle, Jean-Marc Drezet, Karl Fieseler, Rajendra Vasant Gurjar, Stefan Jackowski, Zbigniew Jelonek, Ludger Kaup, Andrew Kresch, Herbert Kurke, Manfred Lehn, Leonid Makar-Limanov, Masayoshi Miyanishi, Kayo Masuda, Lucy Moser-Jauslin, Peter Newstead, Giorgio Ottaviani, Wladimir Popov, Piotr Pragacz, Marko Roczen, Peter Russell, Alexander Schmitt, Jaroslaw Wlodarczyk, Mikhail Zaidenberg.

The conference was financed by Banach Center, Institute of Mathematics of Warsaw University and individual scientific grants of participants.