SMUGA, Working seminar in Algebraic Geometry

Academimc year 2013/2014, Summer term

S.M.U.G.A. = Seminarium Młodych Umysłów Geometrii Algebraicznej (not quite, something like: "seminar of young algebro-geometric minds").
smuga = Polish word for "streak".

Organisers: Weronika Buczyńska and Jarosław Buczyński

SMUGA is a working seminar in Algebraic Geometry running in Warsaw (either at MIMUW or at IMPAN). It is intended for students of Master program, PhD students, postdocs and professors interested in Algebraic Geometry. Everyone is welcome to attend and suggest a topic (also for future).

The idea of the seminar is to understand in detail a very specific problem, subject, article, or series of related articles.

In the summer term 2013/2014 we meet on Wednesdays 10:15--11:45 at MIMUW. The classroom is 2280.


05.03.2014Jarek Buczyński programme discussion
12.03.2014Maciek Zdanowicz Introduction to VB on CP^n: Basic definitions and the splitting of VB, including Horrocs criterion
19.03.2014Joachim Jelisiejew Uniform Vector Bundles
26.03.2014Agnieszka Bodzenta Indecomposable (n-1)-bundles on P^n
02.04.2014Valentina Kritchenko seminar joint with IMPANGA. Divided difference operators, flags and pipe-dreams
09.04.2014Adam Michalik Codimension 2 locally complete intersections
16-30.04.2014**no meeting**
07.05.2014Jarek Buczyński Stable bundles
14.05.2014Jarek Buczyński Stable bundles, part II
21.05.2014Joachim Jelisiejew The splitting behavior of stable bundles
28.05.2014Joachim Jelisiejew The splitting behavior of stable bundles, part II.
04.06.2014Oskar Kędzierski Monads
11.06.2014Oskar Kędzierski Horrocks-Mumford bundle

Current reading:

Vector Bundles on Complex Projective Spaces, Okonek-Schneider-Spindler.

Past readings:

Previous readings concerned complex contact manifolds and Varieties of Minimal Rational Tangents.


List of topics suggested so far is here.

Webpage of past SMUGA 2013/2014 (winter term) and SMUGA 2012/2013.