GAeL, Géométrie Algébrique en Liberté, is a conference organised by and for researchers in Algebraic Geometry at the beginning of their scientific career. The conference gives PhD students and post-docs the opportunity to lecture, often for the first time, in front of an international audience. In addition, selected international experts deliver mini-courses on topics at the cutting-edge of important new developments in Algebraic Geometry.

  • GAeL XX has just finished! For the details and the conference photo look here.

  • The schedule for GAeL XX is now available!
  • The abstracts of junior talks can be found here.
  • For a poster look here.
  • GAeL XX will be in Grenoble (France), June 18-22, 2012!
  • This year GAeL will be followed by a special event GAEL XX+ to celebrate the 20th edition of GAeL.
  • Special funding is available for U.S. based students

GAeL XX is made possible by the generous support of