The EMS Conference "Geometric Analysis and Nonlinear PDE" will take place in Poland, in the conference center in Będlewo, in the week June 3-10, 2007.

This event is supported by the European Commission through contract MSCF-CT-2005-029473 and by the Mathematical Institute of Polish Academy of Sciences. In particular, the organizers can cover all local costs of participation for a reasonable number of "key speakers" and "young participants" (see registration form for the bureaucratic EU definition of these terms).

Otherwise, there is no conference fee. The cost of meals and lodging in Będlewo (for those who do not need or will not obtain financial support) is 300 euro. See Expenses info for more details.

Topics of this conference include:

  1. systems of nonlinear elliptic and subelliptic PDEs (including but not limited to harmonic and p-harmonic maps, minimal surfaces etc.),
  2. symplectic structures, null Lagrangians,
  3. geometric function theory and nonlinear potential theory,
  4. methods of harmonic analysis in PDEs,
  5. applications of the above in continuum mechanics, nonlinear elasticity theory, material science etc.

Deadline for registration is April 20th.

Please direct all correspondence electronically to