Contents of Fundamenta Informaticae Volume 98

Number 1,  2010

Number 2-3,  2010

Number 4,  2010

Contents of Volume 98, Number 1, 2010

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Special Issue on Intelligent Data Analysis in Granular Computing. Preface.

Analysis of the Effectiveness of the Genetic Algorithms based on Extraction of Association Rules
Jesus Alcala-Fdez, Nicolo Flugy-Pape, Andrea Bonarini,   Francisco Herrera

Scalable Clustering for Mining Local-Correlated Clusters in High Dimensions and Large Datasets
Kun-Che Lu,  Don-Lin Yang

Discovering the Radio Signal Coverage Hole and Weak Coverage Area in Mobile Network by Spatiotemporal Data Mining on Location-Based Services
Wei-Hsun Lee, Shian-Shyong Tseng,  Ching-Hung Wang,   Shen-Lung Tung

Predicting Website Audience Demographics for Web Advertising Targeting Using Multi-Website Clickstream Data
Koen W. De Bock,  Dirk Van den Poel

Mining Outliers in Correlated Subspaces for High Dimensional Data Sets
Jinsong Leng, Tzung-Pei Hong

Covariance Matrix Self-Adaptation and Kernel Regression - Perspectives of Evolutionary Optimization in Kernel Machines
Oliver Kramer

Risk Mining in Medicine: Application of Data Mining to Medical Risk Management
Shusaku Tsumoto,  Shoji Hirano

Communication Error Determination System for Multi-layered or Chained Situations
Akinori Abe, Yukio Ohsawa,  Hiromi Itoh Ozaku,   Kaoru Sagara,  Noriaki Kuwahara,  Kiyoshi Kogure

Contents of Volume 98, Number 2-3, 2010

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Deterministic and Unambiguous Families within Recognizable Two-dimensional Languages
Marcella Anselmo,  Dora Giammarresi,  Maria Madonia

Feature Selection via Maximizing Fuzzy Dependency
Qinghua Hu,  Pengfei Zhu,  Jinfu Liu,  Yongbin Yang  and  Daren Yu

Learning Behaviors of Functions
Bala Kalyanasundaram,  Mahe Velauthapillai

Adaptive Rough Entropy Clustering Algorithms in Image Segmentation
Dariusz Małyszko,  Jarosław Stepaniuk

Design of a Hybrid Quantizer with Variable Length Code
Zoran H. Perić,  Milan R. Dinčić,  Marko D. Petković

Tree Structure Based Data Hiding for Progressive Transmission Images
Piyu Tsai

On the Insecurity of an Identity Based Proxy Re-encryption Scheme
Xu An Wang,  Xiaoyuan Yang

Free-Choice Petri Nets without Frozen Tokens, and Bipolar Synchronization Systems
Joachim Wehler

Capacity-Raising Steganography Using Multi-Pixel Differencing and Pixel-Value Shifting Operations
Cheng-Hsing Yang, Shiuh-Jeng Wang, Chi-Yao Weng

Contents of Volume 98, Number 4, 2010

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Bridging Logic and Computer Science: to Johann A. Makowsky for his 60th birthday. Preface.

On the Borel Complexity of MSO Definable Sets of Branches
Mikołaj Bojańczyk,  Damian Niwiński,   Alexander Rabinovich,  Adam Radziwończyk-Syta,  Michał Skrzypczak

Properties of Almost All Graphs and Generalized Quantifiers
Anuj Dawar, Erich Grädel 

A Most General Edge Elimination Polynomial - Thickening of Edges
Christian Hoffmann

A Note on Two-pebble Automata Over Infinite Alphabets
Michael Kaminski,  Tony Tan

Tree-width in Algebraic Complexity
Klaus Meer