Contents of Fundamenta Informaticae Volume 96

Number 1-2,  2009

Number 3,  2009

Number 4,  2009

Contents of Volume 96, Number 1-2, 2009

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Mining the Largest Dense Vertexlet in a Weighted Scale-free Graph
Sanghamitra Bandyopadhyay,  Malay Bhattacharyya

Instruction Sequences with Dynamically Instantiated Instructions
Jan A. Bergstra,  Cornelis A. Middelburg 

On Using LSB Matching Function for Data Hiding in Pixels
Chi-Shiang Chan

Friendly Color Visual Secret Sharing by Random Grids
Tzung-Her Chen,  Kai-Hsiang Tsao,  Yan-Ting Yang

A Similarity Measure for Cyclic Unary Regular Languages
Jürgen Dassow,  Gema M. Martín,  Francisco J. Vico

Boosting Classifiers Built from Different Subsets of Features
Jean-Christophe Janodet,  Marc Sebban,  Henri-Maxime Suchier

On a Modal Epistemic Axiom Emerging from McDermott-Doyle Logics
Costas D. Koutras,  Yorgos Zikos

A Decidable Probability Logic for Timed Probabilistic Systems
Ruggero Lanotte,  Danièle Beauquier

Hypergraph Cuts & Unsupervised Representation for Image Segmentation
Soufiane Rital

The new SIMD Implementation of the Smith-Waterman Algorithm on Cell Microprocessor
Witold R. Rudnicki,  Aleksander Jankowski,  Aleksander Modzelewski,  Aleksander Piotrowski,  Adam Zadrożny

Semi-GAPS: A Semi-supervised Clustering Method Using Point Symmetry
Sriparna Saha,  Sanghamitra Bandyopadhyay 

A Semantic Model for Matchmaking of Web Services Based on Description Logics
Guohua Shen,  Zhiqiu Huang,  Yuping Zhang,  Xiaodong Zhu,  Jun Yang

Contents of Volume 96, Number 3, 2009

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Advances in Computational Logic (CILC08). Preface.

Integrating Finite Domain and Set Constraints into a Set-based Constraint Language
Federico Bergenti,  Alessandro Dal Palù, Gianfranco Rossi

Actions Over a Constructive Semantics for Description Logics
Loris Bozzato, Mauro Ferrari,  Paola Villa 

Normal Form Nested Programs
Annamaria Bria,  Wolfgang Faber,  Nicola Leone

GASP: Answer Set Programming with Lazy Grounding
Alessandro Dal Palù,  Agostino Dovier,  Enrico Pontelli,  Gianfranco Rossi

Model Checking for Graded CTL
Alessandro Ferrante,  Margherita Napoli,  Mimmo Parente

ALC+T: a Preferential Extension of Description Logics
Laura Giordano,  Valentina Gliozzi, Nicola Olivetti , Gian Luca Pozzato

A Folding Rule for Eliminating Existential Variables from Constraint Logic Programs
Valerio Senni,  Alberto Pettorossi,  Maurizio Proietti

Contents of Volume 96, Number 4, 2009

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Advances in Artificial Intelligence and Applications. Preface.

Measuring Semantic Closeness of Ontologically Demarcated Resources
Sang Keun Rhee,  Jihye Lee,  Myon-Woong Park, Micha Szymczak,  Grzegorz Frąckowiak,  Maria Ganzha,  Marcin Paprzycki

Designing Model Based Classifiers by Emphasizing Soft Targets
Soufiane El Jelali, Abdelouahid Lyhyaoui,  Aníbal R. Figueiras-Vidal 

Improved Resulted Word Counts Optimizer for Automatic Image Annotation Problem
Mariusz Paradowski, Halina Kwasnicka 

Different Approaches to Model Relationship Between EMG Signals and Force Moments in Human Skeletal Muscle. Analysis for Diagnosis of Neuronmuscular Disorders
Krzysztof Brzostowski,  Jerzy Świątek

On Stability and Classification Tools for Genetic Algorithms
Stefan Kotowski,  Witold Kosiński,  Zbigniew Michalewicz,  Piotr Synak, Łukasz Brocki