Contents of Fundamenta Informaticae Volume 95

Number 1,  2009

Number 2-3,  2009

Number 4,  2009

Contents of Volume 95, Number 1, 2009

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Application of Concurrency to System Design, the Seventh Special Issue Preface

Avoiding Irreducible CSC Conflicts by Internal Communication
Dominic Wist,  Ralf Wollowski,  Mark Schaefer,   Walter Vogler

Application of Concurrency in the Asynchronous Design of Write-after-read Operations
Navid Toosizadeh,  Safwat G. Zaky

A Token-Managed Admission Control System for QoS Provision on a Best-Effort GALS Interconnect
Shufan Yang,  Steve B. Furber,  Yebin Shi,  Luis A. Plana

Dynamic Error Handling in Service Oriented Applications
Claudio Guidi, Ivan Lanese, Fabrizio Montesi,  Gianluigi Zavattaro

QoS-Driven Service Selection and Composition Using Quantitative Constraint Automata
Sun Meng,  Farhad Arbab

Time-Bounded Model Checking of Infinite-State Continuous-Time Markov Chains
E. Moritz Hahn, Holger Hermanns,  Björn Wachter,  Lijun Zhang

Performance Evaluation of Distributed Systems Based on a Discrete Real- and Stochastic-Time Process Algebra
Jasen Markovski,  Erik P. de Vink

Synthesis of Petri Nets from Term Based Representations of Infinite Partial Languages
Robin Bergenthum,  Jörg Desel,  Sebastian Mauser,   Robert Lorenz

Modular Construction of Finite and Complete Prefixes of Petri net Unfoldings
Agnes Madalinski,  Eric Fabre

Contents of Volume 95, Number 2-3, 2009

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Evaluation of the Texture Analysis Using Spectral Correlation Function
Mehdi Chehel Amirani,  Ali Asghar Beheshti Shirazi

Stochastic Model of Evolutionary and Immunological Multi-Agent Systems: Mutually Exclusive Actions
Aleksander Byrski,  Robert Schaefer

On Recognizable Tree Languages Beyond the Borel Hierarchy
Olivier Finkel, Pierre Simonnet

Verifying a Class: combining Testing and Proving
Grażyna Mirkowska,  Andrzej Salwicki,   Oskar Świda

Stochastic Model of Evolutionary and Immunological Multi-Agent Systems: Parallel Execution of Local Actions
Robert Schaefer,  Aleksander Byrski,  Maciej Smoka

Properties of Quantum Particles in Multi-Swarms for Dynamic Optimization
Krzysztof Trojanowski

Congruences Generated by Extended Ground Term Rewrite Systems
Sándor Vágvölgyi

Contents of Volume 95, Number 4, 2009

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Swarm Intelligence. Preface i-ii

An Improved Harmony Search Algorithm with Differential Mutation Operator
Prithwish Chakraborty, Gourab Ghosh Roy, Swagatam Das, Dhaval Jain, Ajith Abraham

Integral Particle Swarm Optimization with Dispersed Accelerator Information
Zhihua Cui, Xingjuan Cai

Particle Swarm Optimization Based Object Tracking
Bogdan Kwolek

A Multi-swarm Approach to Multi-objective Flexible Job-shop Scheduling Problems
Hongbo Liu,  Ajith Abraham,  Zuwen Wang

Robust Candidate Pruning Approach Based on the PSO-SVM for Fast Corner Detection with Noise Tolerance in Gray-Level Images
Ming-Tsung Liu,  Pao-Ta Yu

Low Discrepancy Initialized Particle Swarm Optimization for Solving Constrained Optimization Problems
Millie Pant, Radha Thangaraj,  Ajith Abraham

Measuring Resemblances Between Swarm Behaviours: A Perceptual Tolerance Near Set Approach
Sheela Ramanna,  Amir H. Meghdadi