Contents of Fundamenta Informaticae Volume 93

Number 1-3,  2009

Number 4,  2009

Contents of Volume 93, Number 1-3, 2009

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Concurrency Specification and Programming (CS&P) - Preface

Formal Definition of XCCS Modelling Language
Krzysztof Balicki,  Marcin Szpyrka

P Systems with Transport and Diffusion Membrane Channels
Roberto Barbuti,  Andrea Maggiolo-Schettini,  Paolo Milazzo, Simone Tini

Levels of Persistency in Place/Transition Nets
Kamila Barylska,  Edward Ochmański

JavaW: The Structures and the Implementation of a Preprocessor for Java with m_ and mc_parameters
Marco Bellia and M. Eugenia Occhiuto

Perseus. Software for Analyzing Persuasion Process
Katarzyna Budzyńska,  Magdalena Kacprzak,   Paweł Rembelski

What Agents Can Probably Enforce
Nils Bulling and Wojciech Jamroga

Analysis and Synthesis of Net Structures and Transition Graphs
Ludwik Czaja,  Manfred Kudlek

Using Ontologies and Algebra of Algorithms for Formalized Development of Parallel Programs
Anatoliy Doroshenko,  Olena Yatsenko

Timed Delay Bisimulation is an Equivalence Relation for Timed Transition Systems
Natalya Gribovskaya,  Irina Virbitskaite

The Outline of an Ontology for the Rough Set Theory and its Applications
Piotr Grochowalski,  Krzysztof Pancerz

Quantifying Security for Timed Process Algebras
Damas P. Gruska

Generation of Database Transactions with Petri Nets
Kees M. van Hee, Natalia Sidorova, Marc Voorhoeve, Jan Martijn van der Werf

Simulation of Security Protocols based on Scenarios of Attacks
Gizela Jakubowska, Piotr Dembiński,  Wojciech Penczek,   Maciej Szreter

On the Expressiveness of Communication Channels for Object Nets
Michael Köhler-Bußmeier,  Frank Heitmann

Multiset Pushdown Automata
Manfred Kudlek,  Patrick Totzke,  Georg Zetzsche

Properties of Multiset Language Classes Defined by Multiset Pushdown Automata
Manfred Kudlek,  Patrick Totzke,  Georg Zetzsche

Timed Automata Based Model Checking of Timed Security Protocols
Mirosaw Kurkowski, Wojciech Penczek

On Minimal Inhibitory Rules for Almost All k-Valued Information Systems
Mikhail Ju. Moshkov,  Andrzej Skowron,  Zbigniew Suraj

An Efficient Tableau Prover using Global Caching for the Description Logic ALC
Linh Anh Nguyen

A New Approach to Model Checking of UML State Machines
Artur Niewiadomski,  Wojciech Penczek,  Maciej Szreter

A Translator of Java Programs to TADDs
Artur Rataj,  Bożena Woźna,   Andrzej Zbrzezny

Applying Classical Concepts to Parsing Expression Grammar
Roman R. Redziejowski

Petri Nets with Time Windows: A Comparison to Classical Petri Nets
Jan-Thierry Wegener,  Louchka Popova-Zeugmann

Contents of Volume 93, Number 4, 2009

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AC is Equivalent to the Coherence Principle. Corrigendum to my Paper Induction Principles for Sets
Janusz Czelakowski

On Insertion Grammars with Maximum Parallel Derivation
Liviu P. Dinu

Branching Bisimilarity with Explicit Divergence
Rob van Glabbeek,  Bas Luttik,  Nikola Trcka

Normalized-scale Relations and Their Concept Lattices in Relational Databases
Yuxia Lei,  Yuefei Sui and Cungen Cao

On the Parallelization of Self-Adaptive hp-Finite Element Methods Part I. Composite Programmable Graph Grammar Model
Maciej Paszyński

On the Parallelization of Self-Adaptive hp-Finite Element Methods Part II. Partitioning Communication Agglomeration Mapping (PCAM) Analysis
Maciej Paszyński

New Algorithm for Optimal Path Finding in Complex Networks Based on the Quotient Space
Ling Zhang,  Fu-gui He,  Yan-ping Zhang,  Shu Zhao