Contents of Fundamenta Informaticae Volume 88

Number 1-2,  2008

Number 3,  2008

Number 4,  2008

Contents of Volume 88, Number 1-2, 2008

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A Cancellation Theorem for BCCSP
Luca Aceto, Wan Fokkink,  Anna Ingolfsdottir

Adaptive Data Embedding Scheme Based on Similar and Dissimilar Clustering Strategies
Chin-Chen Chang, Chia-Chen Lin,  Yi-Hui Chen

A Large Payload Data Embedding Technique for Color Images
Yung-Chen Chou,  Chin-Chen Chang,  Kuan-Ming

Alias Types and Effects for "Environment-aware" Computations
Ferruccio Damiani, Elena Giachino,  Paola Giannini

Nondeterminism in Constructive Z
Hassan Haghighi,  Seyed-Hassan Mirian-Hosseinabadi

Class Specific Fuzzy Decision Trees for Mining High Speed Data Streams
Sattar Hashemi,  Mohammadreza Kangavari,  Ying Yang

Second Order Fuzzy Measure and Weighted Co-Occurrence Matrix for Segmentation of Brain MR Images
Pradipta Maji,  Malay K. Kundu,  Bhabatosh Chanda

Geometric transform Invariant Texture Analysis based on Modified Zernike Moments
Vibha S. Vyas,  Priti P. Rege

An Improved Certificateless Signature Scheme Secure in the Standard Model
Hu Xiong,  Zhiguang Qin,  Fagen Li

A New Proof on Embedding the Category of Proximity Spaces into the Category of Nearness Spaces
Zhanbo Yang

Contents of Volume 88, Number 3, 2008

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Petri Nets 2007 - Preface i-ii

On the Compared Expressiveness of Arc, Place and Transition Time Petri Nets
Marc Boyer,  Olivier H. Roux

Nets with Tokens which Carry Data
Ranko LaziŠ,  Tom Newcomb,  Joël Ouaknine,  A.W. Roscoe,  James Worrell

From Many Places to Few: Automatic Abstraction Refinement for Petri Nets
Pierre Ganty,  Jean-François Raskin,  Laurent Van Begin

Synthesis of Elementary Net Systems with Context Arcs and Localities
Maciej Koutny, Marta Pietkiewicz-Koutny

Name Creation vs. Replication in Petri Net Systems
Fernando Rosa-Velardo,  David de Frutos-Escrig

Coloured Petri Net Modelling of an Evolving Internet Standard: the Datagram Congestion Control Protocol
Jonathan Billington,  Somsak Vanit-Anunchai

Working with the Past: Integrating History in Petri Nets
Kees van Hee, Alexander Serebrenik,  Natalia Sidorova, Wil van der Aalst

Contents of Volume 88, Number 4, 2008

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Application of Concurrency to System Design, the Sixth Special Issue - Preface i-iii

Hazard Checking of Timed Asynchronous Circuits Revisited
Frédéric Béal,  Tomohiro Yoneda,  Chris J. Myers

Synthesis of Petri Nets from Finite Partial Languages
Robin Bergenthum,  Jörg Desel,  Robert Lorenz,  Sebastian Mauser

A More Efficient Time Petri Net State Space Abstraction Useful to Model Checking Timed Linear Properties
Hanifa Boucheneb,  Hind Rakkay

Fault Diagnosis with Static and Dynamic Observers
Franck Cassez,  Stavros Tripakis

Output-Determinacy and Asynchronous Circuit Synthesis
Victor Khomenko,  Mark Schaefer and Walter Vogler

Analysis of Static Data Flow Structures
Danil Sokolov,  Ivan Poliakov,  Alex Yakovlev