Contents of Fundamenta Informaticae Volume 86

Number 1-2,  2008

Number 3,  2008

Number 4,  2008

Contents of Volume 86, Number 1-2, 2008

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Genetic Algorithms as an Alternative Method of Parameter Estimation and Finding Most Likely Sequences of States of Hidden Markov Chains for HMMs and Hybrid HMM/ANN Models
Katarzyna Bijak

Partial Conway and Iteration Semirings
S.L. Bloom, Z. Ésik,  W. Kuich

On Rational Stochastic Languages
François Denis, Yann Esposito

A Multi-Criteria Decision Method Based on Rank Distance
Liviu P. Dinu,  Marius Popescu

Approximating Arbitrary Reinforcement Signal by Learning Classifier Systems using Micro Genetic Algorithm
Ali Hamzeh,  Adel Rahmani

Grayscale Image Hiding Based on Modulus Function and Greedy Method
Yu-Chen Hu,  Chih-Chiang Tsou,  Bing-Hwang Su

Involution Solid and Join codes
Natasa Jonoska, Lila Kari

On Characterization of Attractor Basins of Fuzzy Multiple Attractor Cellular Automata
Pradipta Maji

On the Normalized Cut
Saralees Nadarajah

Modeling the Dance Video Semantics using Regular Tree Automata
Balakrishnan Ramadoss,  Kannan Rajkumar

Some Issues on Inner Structure of Information. A Definition of the Decision Making Problem
Tomasz Terlikowski

Tree-based Construction of Low-cost Action Rules
Angelina A. Tzacheva, Li-Shiang Tsay

Contents of Volume 86, Number 3, 2008

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The Fifth Special Issue on Application of Concurrency to System Design - Preface

On the Complexity of Consistency and Complete State Coding for Signal Transition Graphs
Javier Esparza, Petr Jancar, Alexander Miller

Causal Semantics of Algebraic Petri Nets distinguishing Concurrency and Synchronicity
Gabriel Juhás,  Robert Lorenz,  Sebastian Mauser

Resolution of Encoding Conflicts by Signal Insertion and Concurrency Reduction Based on STG Unfoldings
Victor Khomenko,  Agnes Madalinski,  Alex Yakovlev

Schedulability Analysis of Petri Nets Based on Structural Properties
Cong Liu, Alex Kondratyev,  Yosinori Watanabe,  Jörg Desel, Alberto Sangiovanni-Vincentelli 

Modeling Communication with Synchronized Environments
Tiberiu Seceleanu,  Axel Jantsch

Contents of Volume 86, Number 4, 2008

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Towards Building the State Class Graph of the TSPN Model
Abdelkrim Abdelli,  Nadjib Badache

Unsupervised Pixel Classification in Satellite Imagery: A Two-stage Fuzzy Clustering Approach
Anirban Mukhopadhyay,  Ujjwal Maulik

The Halting Probability via Wang Tiles
Gregory Chaitin

High Capacity Data Hiding for Grayscale Images
Chin-Chen Chang,  Yung-Chen Chou,  The Duc Kieu

Sharing Numerous Images Secretly with Reduced Possessing Load
Chien-Chang Chen,  Yu-Wei Chien

Bag Context Tree Grammars
Frank Drewes,  Christine du Toit,  Sigrid Ewert, Brink van der Merwe,   Andries van der Walt

A Development of Inclusion-degree-based Rough Fuzzy Random Sets
Minghu Ha,  Witold Pedrycz,  Aiquan Zhang,  Yijun Fan