Contents of Fundamenta Informaticae Volume 84

Number 1,  2008

Number 2,  2008

Number 3-4,  2008

Contents of Volume 84, Number 1, 2008

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Australasian Workshop on Combinatorial Algorithms - Preface

The Practical Efficiency of Convolutions in Pattern Matching Algorithms
Amihood Amir,  Avivit Levy,  Liron Reuveni

External Memory Algorithms for String Problems
Kangho Roh, Maxime Crochemore,  Costas S. Iliopoulos,  Kunsoo Park

Algorithms for Computing the λ-regularities in Strings
Hui Zhang,  Qing Guo,  Costas S. Iliopoulos

An Algorithm for BCH Codes Extended with Finite State Automata
Andrei Kelarev

Simulation and Measurement of Complex Network Growth: the Interplay of Uniform and Preferential Attachment
Hongwei Luo,  Kathy Horadam

An Improved Boolean Circuit for Maximum Matching in a Convex Bipartite Graph
Eunhui Park,  Kunsoo Park

Permutation Representation of 3 and 4-Homogenous Latin Bitrades
James G. Lefevre, Diane Donovan, Ales Drápal

Polynomial-Time Maximisation Classes: Syntactic Hierarchy
Orestes Bueno, Prabhu Manyem

Equivalence, Indicators, Quasi-indicators and Optimal Steiner Topologies on Four Points in Space
J.F. Weng,  J. MacGregor Smith,  M. Brazil and D.A. Thomas 

Contents of Volume 84, Number 2, 2008

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Logic for Pragmatics - Preface

A Type Driven Theory of Predication with Complex Types
Nicholas Asher

A Term Assignment for Polarized Bi-intuitionistic Logic and its Strong Normalization
Corrado Biasi,  Federico Aschieri

On Krivine's Realizability Interpretation of Classical Second-Order Arithmetic
Paulo Oliva,  Thomas Streicher

Category Theoretic Semantics for Typed Binding Signatures with Recursion
John Power,  Miki Tanaka

Realizability of the Axiom of Choice in HOL. (An Analysis of Krivine's Work)
Christophe Raffalli,  Frédéric Ruyer

Davidson and Reiter on Actions
Graham White

Contents of Volume 84, Number 3-4, 2008

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Some Alternatives to Parikh Matrices Using String Kernels
Alexander Clark, Chris Watkins

Multi-Valued MSO Logics Over Words and Trees
Manfred Droste,  Werner Kuich,  George Rahonis

A New Architecture for Learning Classifier Systems to Solve POMDP Problems
Ali Hamzeh,  Adel Rahmani

A Novel Cryptographic Key Assignment Scheme with ID-Based Access Control in a Hierachy
Hui-Feng Huang, Chin-Chen Chang

Computational Efficiency of Intermolecular Gene Assembly
Tseren-Onolt Ishdorj, Remco Loos,  Ion Petre

The Chain Relation in Sofic Subshifts
Alexandr Kazda

Adaptively Embedding Binary Data in an Image
Ching-Chiuan Lin,  Nien-Lin Hsueh,  Wen-Hsiang Shen

Rough Rule Extracting From Various Conditions: Incremental and Approximate Approaches for Inconsistent Data
Yong Liu, Congfu Xu, Qiong Zhang, Yunhe Pan

Change Detection of Remote Sensing Images with Semi-supervised Multilayer Perceptron
Swarnajyoti Patra,  Susmita Ghosh,  Ashish Ghosh

A Semantic Analysis of a Logic for Pragmatics with Assertions, Obligations, and Causal Implication
Kurt Ranalter

Fuzzy Symmetry Based Real-Coded Genetic Clustering Technique for Automatic Pixel Classification in Remote Sensing Imagery
Sriparna Saha, Sanghamitra Bandyopadhyay