Contents of Fundamenta Informaticae Volume 83

Number 1-2,  2008

Number 3,  2008

Number 4,  2008

Contents of Volume 83, Number 1-2, 2008

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Algorithmic Complexity and Applications - Preface i-ii

Randomness with Respect to the Signed-Digit Representation
Margaret Archibald,  Vasco Brattka,  Clemens Heuberger

A Simple Proof of Miller-Yu Theorem
Laurent Bienvenu, Wolfgang Merkle,  Alexander Shen

Proximal Connectedness
D.S. Bridges and L.S. Vîta

Nonterminal Complexity of Some Operations on Context-Free Languages
Jürgen Dassow,  Ralf Stiebe

Blind Counter Automata on ω-Words
Henning Fernau, Ralf Stiebe

Regular ω-Languages Defined by Finite Extended Spiking Neural P Systems
Rudolf Freund  and Marion Oswald

The State Complexity of Two Combined Operations: Star of Catenation and Star of Reversal
Yuan Gao, Kai Salomaa,  Sheng Yu

On the Generation of Aperiodic and Periodic Necklaces via T-augmentation
T. Aaron Gulliver, Isaiah Makwakwa, Ulrich Speidel

A Non-linear Split Error Detection Code
Michael Gössel, Egor Sogomonyan

Simulation Complexity
Nicholas J. Hay

Computability Theoretic Properties of the Entropy of Gap Shifts
Peter Hertling,  Christoph Spandl

Prescribed Learning of Indexed Families
Sanjay Jain, Frank Stephan,  Ye Nan

Applications of Kolmogorov Complexity and Universal Codes to Nonparametric Estimation of Characteristics of Time Series
Boris Ryabko

Complexity of Topological Properties of Regular ω-Languages
Victor L. Selivanov  and  Klaus W. Wagner

A Hierarchy of Computably Enumerable Reals
Xizhong Zheng

Contents of Volume 83, Number 3, 2008

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Non-dominated Rank based Sorting Genetic Algorithms
Ashish Ghosh, Mrinal Kanti Das

First-Order Ground Non-Monotonic Modal Logic
Benjamin Grimberg,  Michael Kaminski

Weighted Word Recognition
Éric Laugerotte,  Djelloul Ziadi

An Edge-based Image Copy Detection Scheme
Chia-Chen Lin,  Shing-Shoung Wang

Generalizations of Pixel-Value Differencing Steganography for Data Hiding in Images
Jen-Chang Liu,  Ming-Hong Shih

Contents of Volume 83, Number 4, 2008

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A Predator-Prey Cellular Automaton with Parasitic Interactions and Environmental Effects
Fabio Farina,  Alberto Dennunzio

Abduction for Accessing Information Sources
Carlo Meghini, Yannis Tzitzikas,  Nicolas Spyratos

An Algorithmic Solution of a Birkhoff Type Problem
Daniel Simson,  Mariusz Wojewódzki

Array Grammars with Contextual Operations
K.G. Subramanian,  Do Long Van, P. Helen Chandra,  Nghiem Do Quyen

A Relation-Algebraic Theory of Bisimulations
Michael Winter

A Modal Logic for Pawlak's Approximation Spaces with Rough Cardinality n
Philippe Balbiani,  Petar Iliev, Dimiter Vakarelov