Contents of Fundamenta Informaticae Volume 80

Number 1-3,  2007

Number 4,  2007

Contents of Volume 80, Number 1-3, 2007

Special Issue dedicated to  Antoni Mazurkiewicz

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Antoni Mazurkiewicz - half a century of inspirational research - Preface i-ii

On First-Order Fragments for Mazurkiewicz Traces
Volker Diekert, Martin Horsch, Manfred Kufleitner

On Preserving Structural and Behavioural Properties by Composing Net Systems on Interfaces
Luca Bernardinello, Elena Monticelli, Lucia Pomello

Formalising TCP's Data Transfer Service Language: A Symbolic Automaton and its Properties
Jonathan Billington, Bing Han

Making Petri Nets Safe and Free of Internal Transitions
Eike Best, Philippe Darondeau, Harro Wimmel

Static BiLog: a Unifying Language for Spatial Structures
Giovanni Conforti, Damiano Macedonio, Vladimiro Sassone

Finitary Compositions of Two-way Finite-State Transductions
Joost Engelfriet, Hendrik Jan Hoogeboom

Computing Properties of Numerical Imperative Programs by Symbolic Computation
Jacques Carette, Ryszard Janicki

On Communicating Automata with Bounded Channels
Blaise Genest, Dietrich Kuske, Anca Muscholl

Uniform Satisfiability in PSPACE for Local Temporal Logics Over Mazurkiewicz Traces
Paul Gastin, Dietrich Kuske

Processes of Petri Nets with Range Testing
Jetty Kleijn, Maciej Koutny

An Efficient Message Passing Election Algorithm based on Mazurkiewicz's Algorithm
Jérémie Chalopin, Yves Métivier

On Minimal Rule Sets for Almost All Binary Information Systems
Mikhail Ju. Moshkov, Andrzej Skowron, Zbigniew Suraj

On Ethics of Mazurkiewicz Traces
Edward Ochmański, Joanna Pieckowska

The Decent Philosophers: An Exercise in Concurrent Behaviour
Wolfgang Reisig

On Process-algebraic Verification of Asynchronous Circuits
Xu Wang, Marta Kwiatkowska

Towards a Framework for Modelling Behaviours of Hybrid Systems
Józef Winkowski

Contents of Volume 80, Number 4, 2007

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Maurer Computers with Single-Thread Control
Jan A. Bergstra, Cornelis A. Middelburg

How to Compute Times of Random Walks based Distributed Algorithms
Alain Bui, Devan Sohier

Inference of Parsable Graph Grammars for Syntactic Pattern Recognition
Mariusz Flasiński

A Data Mining Formalization to Improve Hypergraph Minimal Transversal Computation
Céline Hébert, Alain Bretto, Bruno Crémilleux

Formal Concept Analysis in Relational Database and Rough Relational Database
Feng Jiang, Yuefei Sui and Cungen Cao

Security Analysis of the Pomykała-Barabasz Scheme
Fagen Li, Yupu Hu

A New Practical Limited Identity-Based Encryption Scheme
Rongxing Lu, Zhenfu Cao, Xiaolei Dong

RFCM: A Hybrid Clustering Algorithm Using Rough and Fuzzy Sets
Pradipta Maji and Sankar K. Pal