Contents of Fundamenta Informaticae Volume 79

Number 1-2,  2007

Number 3-4,  2007

Contents of Volume 79, Number 1-2, 2007

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A Note on the Emptiness of Semigroup Intersections
Paul Bell

Davis-Putnam Style Rules for Deciding Property S
Robert Cowen, Adam Kolany

An Algebraic Characterization of the Halting Probability
Gregory Chaitin

A Logic-Based Approach to Finding Explanations for Discrepancies in Optimistic Plan Execution
Thomas Eiter, Esra Erdem, Wolfgang Faber, Ján Senko

A Propositional Proof System with Quantification Over Permutations
Grzegorz Herman,  Tim Paterson,  Michael Soltys

Foundations of Modal Deductive Databases
Linh Anh Nguyen

Composition Theorem for Generalized Sum
Alexander Rabinovich

Optimal Proof Systems, Optimal Acceptors and Recursive Presentability
Zenon Sadowski

Predicate Introduction for Logics with a Fixpoint Semantics. Part I: Logic Programming
Joost Vennekens, Johan Wittocx, Maarten Mariën, Marc Denecker

Predicate Introduction for Logics with Fixpoint Semantics. Part II: Autoepistemic Logic
Joost Vennekens, Johan Wittocx, Maarten Mariën, Marc Denecker

Bounded Model Checking for the Existential Fragment of TCTL-G and Diagonal Timed Automata
Bożena Woźna and Andrzej Zbrzezny

A Comparative Analysis of Possibilistic Variances and Covariances of Fuzzy Numbers
Wei-Guo Zhang, Ying-Luo Wang

Contents of Volume 79, Number 3-4, 2007

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Concurrency Specification and Programming (CS&P) -Preface i-i

Compositional Systems over Reducible Networks - invited paper
Antoni Mazurkiewicz

Interpreted Nets
Ludwik Czaja

Decidability Problems of a Basic Class of Object Nets
Roxana Dietze, Manfred Kudlek, Olaf Kummer

Concurrent Turing Machines
Berndt Farwer, Manfred Kudlek, Heiko Rölke

Approximation Spaces Based on Relations of Similarity and Dissimilarity of Objects
Anna Gomolińska

Observation Based System Security
Damas P. Gruska

Checking Properties of Adaptive Workflow Nets
Kees van Hee, Olivia Oanea,  Alexander Serebrenik,  Natalia Sidorova,  Marc Voorhoeve, Irina A.Lomazova

Modelling and Checking Timed Authentication of Security Protocols
Gizela Jakubowska,  Wojciech Penczek

Path Compression in Timed Automata
Agata Janowska,  Wojciech Penczek

The Reachability Problem for Object Nets
Michael Köhler

A Formal Model of Multi-Agent Organisations
Michael Köhler

Algorithm of Translation of MSC-specified System into Petri Net
Sergiy Kryvyy,  Lyudmila Matvyeyeva

On Semilinear Sets over Commutative Semirings
Manfred Kudlek

Verifying Security Protocols Modelled  by Networks of Automata
Mirosław Kurkowski,  Wojciech Penczek

Verification of the Tesla protocol in Mcmas-x
Alessio Lomuscio, Franco Raimondi,  Bożena Woźna

Local Properties of Triangular Graphs
Antoni Mazurkiewicz

Nearness of Objects: Extension of Approximation Space Model
James F. Peters, Andrzej Skowron, Jarosław Stepaniuk

Parsing Expression Grammar as a Primitive Recursive-Descent Parser with Backtracking
Roman R. Redziejowski

Relational Data and Rough Sets
Jarosław Stepaniuk

Analysis of Approximate Petri Nets by Means of Occurrence Graphs
Zbigniew Suraj,  Barbara Fryc

Towards Efficient Computing Consistent and Partially Consistent Extensions of Information Systems
Zbigniew Suraj,  Krzysztof Pancerz

Approximation Spaces and Nearness Type Structures
Marcin Wolski

SAT-Based Reachability Checking for Timed Automata with Discrete Data
Andrzej Zbrzezny, Agata Półrola