Contents of Fundamenta Informaticae Volume 78

Number 1,  2007

Number 2,  2007

Number 3,  2007

Number 4,  2007

Contents of Volume 78, Number 1, 2007

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The Fourth Special Issue on Applications of Concurrency to System Design - Preface

Verification of Concurrent Systems with Parametric Delays Using Octahedra
Robert Clarisó, Jordi Cortadella

An Algebra of Pareto Points
Marc Geilen,  Twan Basten,  Bart Theelen,  Ralph Otten

Automating Synthesis of Asynchronous Communication Mechanisms
Kyller Gorgônio, Fei Xia,  Alex Yakovlev

Controllable Delay-Insensitive Processes
Mark B. Josephs, Hemangee K. Kapoor

Correct-by-Construction Asynchronous Implementation of Modular Synchronous Specifications
Dumitru Potop-Butucaru,  Benoît Caillaud

Improved Decomposition of Signal Transition Graphs
W. Vogler, B. Kangsah

Contents of Volume 78, Number 2, 2007

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New Metrics for Phylogenies
Łukasz Bolikowski,  Anna Gambin

A New Approach to the Concepts of Boundary and Contact: Toward an Alternative to Mereotopology
Olivia Breysse,  Michel De Glas

Predictive Grayscale Image Coding Scheme Using VQ and BTC
Yu-Chen Hu

Block Prediction Vector Quantization for Grayscale Image Compression
Yu-Chen Hu,  Chia-Chen Lin,  Kang-Liang Chi 257-270

An Algebraic Foundation for Linguistic Reasoning
Van Nam Huynh,  Tetsuya Murai,  Yoshiteru Nakamori

An Infinitary Sequent System for the Equational Theory of *-continuous Action Lattices
Ewa Palka

Contents of Volume 78, Number 3, 2007

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Preface i-ii

Cellular Automata and Parallel Array Systems
Rudolf Freund and Fritz Tafill

Remarks on the Critical Behavior of Second Order Additive Invariants in Elementary Cellular Automata
Henryk Fuk¶

Cellular Devices and Unary Languages
Andreas Klein, Martin Kutrib

RBFFCA: A Hybrid Pattern Classifier Using Radial Basis Function and Fuzzy Cellular Automata
Pradipta Maji, P.Pal Chaudhuri

On Algebraic Structure of Neighborhoods of Cellular Automata-Horse Power Problem
Hidenosuke Nishio, Maurice Margenstern, Friedrich von Haeseler

Spectral Domain Boundaries in Cellular Automata
Marcus Pivato

State-efficient One-bit-communication Solutions for Some Classical Cellular Automata Problems
Hiroshi Umeo, Koshi Michisaka, Naoki Kamikawa, Masaru Kanazawa

Contents of Volume 78, Number 4, 2007

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Special Issue on Knowledge Discovery - Preface i -iii

SPICE: A New Framework for Data Mining based on Probability Logic and Formal Concept Analysis
Liying Jiang and Jitender Deogun

Hierarchical Hidden Markov Models for User/Process Profile Learning
Ugo Galassi, Marco Botta, Attilio Giordana

Privacy Aware Data Management and Chase
Seunghyun Im

Towards Efficient Searching on the Secondary Structure of Protein Sequences
Minkoo Seo, Sanghyun Park, Jung-Im Won

Unifying Framework for Rule Semantics: Application to Gene Expression Data
Marie Agier, Jean-Marc Petit, Einoshin Suzuki

Visualization of Differences between Rules' Syntactic and Semantic Similarities using Multidimensional Scaling
Shusaku Tsumoto and Shoji Hirano

Contribution to the Use of Decision Diagrams for Loading and Mining Transaction Databases
Ansaf Salleb-Aouissi, Christel Vrain

Privacy Preserving Database Generation for Database Application Testing
Xintao Wu, Yongge Wang,  Songtao Guo,  Yuliang Zheng

Sound Isolation by Harmonic Peak Partition for Music Instrument Recognition
Xin Zhang,  Zbigniew W. Ra¶