Contents of Fundamenta Informaticae Volume 77

Number 1-2,  2007

Number 3,  2007

Number  4,  2007

Contents of Volume 77, Number 1-2, 2007

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Refinement, Decomposition, and Instantiation of Discrete Models: Application to Event-B
Jean-Raymond Abrial,  Stefan Hallerstede

Retrenching the Purse: The Balance Enquiry Quandary, and Generalised and (1, 1) Forward Refinements
Richard Banach,  Czeslaw Jeske, Michael Poppleton,  Susan Stepney

CoreASM: An Extensible ASM Execution Engine
Roozbeh Farahbod,  Vincenzo Gervasi,  Uwe Glässer

Model Checking Abstract State Machines with Answer Set Programming
Calvin Kai Fan Tang, Eugenia Ternovska

Time in State Machines
Susanne Graf, Andreas Prinz

RAM Simulation of BGS Model of Abstract-state Machines
Comandur Seshadhri,  Anil Seth,  Somenath Biswas

Contents of Volume 77, Number 3, 2007

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An Axiomatization of the Token Game Based on Petri Algebras
Eric Badouel,  Jules Chenou, Goulven Guillou

A Novel Image Hiding Scheme Based on VQ and Hamming Distance
Chin-Chen Chang, Wei-Liang Tai, Chia-Chen Lin

Adaptive Ant Colony Optimization Algorithm Based on Information Entropy: Foundation and Application
Yancang Li and Wanqing Li

Feature Extraction for Dynamic Integration of Classifiers
Mykola Pechenizkiy, Alexey Tsymbal,  Seppo Puuronen,  David Patterson

Efficient Algorithm of Affine form Searching for Weakly Specified Boolean Function
Piotr Porwik

Contents of Volume 77, Number 4, 2007

TLCA 2005

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The Completeness of Typing for Context-Semantics
Thierry Coquand

Tutorial Examples of the Semantic Approach to Foundational Proof-Carrying Code
Amy P. Felty

Can Proofs be Animated by Games?
Susumu Hayashi

Untyped Algorithmic Equality for Martin-Löf's Logical Framework with Surjective Pairs
Andreas Abel, Thierry Coquand

L3: A Linear Language with Locations
Amal Ahmed, Matthew Fluet, Greg Morrisett

Rank 2 Intersection for Recursive Definitions
Ferruccio Damiani

Arithmetical Proofs of Strong Normalization Results for Symmetric l-calculi
René David & Karim Nour

On the Expressiveness of Affine Programs with Non-local Control: The Elimination of Nesting in SPCF
J. Laird