Contents of Fundamenta Informaticae Volume 71

Number 1,  2006
Number 2-3,  2006
Number 4,  2006

Contents of Volume 71, Number 1, March 2006

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On the Analysis of Fuzzy String Patterns with the Help of Extended and Stochastic GDPLL(k) Grammars
Mariusz Flasiński and Janusz Jurek

Architectural Principles and Scheduling Strategies for Computing Agent Systems
Marek Grochowski, Robert Schaefer and Maciej Smoka

Multi-agent Approach to Dynamic Pick-up and Delivery Problem with Uncertain Knowledge about Future Transport Demands
Jaroslaw Ko¼lak, Jean-Charles Créput, Vincent Hilaire and Abder Koukam

Architecture for Discovery of Crises in MAS
Edward Nawarecki, Marek Kisiel-Dorohinicki and Grzegorz Dobrowolski

A Set Theory for Rough Sets. Toward A Formal Calculus of Vague Statements
Lech Polkowski

An Empirical Study of Using Rule Induction and Rough Sets to Software Cost Estimation
Jerzy Stefanowski

Timed Approximate Petri Nets
Zbigniew Suraj and Barbara Fryc

A Petri Net System - an Overview
Zbigniew Suraj, Barbara Fryc, Zofia Matusiewicz and Krzysztof Pancerz

Reconstruction of Concurrent System Models Described by Decomposed Data Tables
Zbigniew Suraj and Krzysztof Pancerz

Contents of Volume 71, Number 2-3, 2006

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Logic for Rough Truth
Mohua Banerjee

Thread Algebra with Multi-Level Strategies
J.A. Bergstra and C.A. Middelburg

Pruning Operators for Disjunctive Logic Programming Systems
Francesco Calimeri, Wolfgang Faber, Gerald Pfeifer and Nicola Leone

A Novel Index Coding Scheme for Vector Quantization
Chin-Chen Chang, Guei-Mei Chen and Yu-Chen Hu

Complexity of Searching for a Black Hole
Jurek Czyzowicz, Dariusz Kowalski, Euripides Markou and Andrzej Pelc

Resource-Constrained Workflow Nets
Kees van Hee, Natalia Sidorova and Marc Voorhoeve

The Weighted Suffix Tree: An Efficient Data Structure for Handling Molecular Weighted Sequences and its Applications
Costas S. Iliopoulos, Christos Makris, Yannis Panagis, Katerina Perdikuri, Evangelos Theodoridis and Athanasios Tsakalidis

Spiking Neural P Systems
Mihai Ionescu, Gheorghe Paun and Takashi Yokomori

Exploiting the Lattice of Ideals Representation of a Poset
Karel De Loof, Hans De Meyer and Bernard De Baets

Reinforcement Learning with Approximation Spaces
James F. Peters and Christopher Henry

A Robust Content-Based Copy Detection Scheme
Ming-Ni Wu, Chia-Chen Lin and Chin-Chen Chang

Contents of Volume 71, Number 4, 2006

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Probability and Program-Size for Functions
Gregory Chaitin

On Simplification of Database Integrity Constraints
Henning Christiansen and Davide Martinenghi

Foundations of Paraconsistent Resolution
Norihiro Kamide

A Novel Image Ownership Protection Scheme Based on Rehashing Concept and Vector Quantization
Chia-Chen Lin, Yu Chen Hu and Chin-Chen Chang

A Formal Language Analysis of DNA Hairpin Structures
L. Kari, E. Losseva, S. Konstantinidis, P. Sosí k and G. Thierrin

On Problems in Polymorphic Object-Oriented Languages With Self Types and Matching
Michael Winter

An Efficient and Secure Cryptosystem for Encrypting Long Messages
Sheng Zhong