Contents of Fundamenta Informaticae Volume 69

Number 1-2, Winter 2005-2006

Number 3, Winter 2005-2006

Number 4, Winter 2005-2006

Contents of Volume 69, Number 1-2, Winter 2005-2006

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Redundant Call Elimination via Tupling
Wei-Ngan Chin, Siau-Cheng Khoo and Neil Jones

Higher Order Deforestation
Geoff W. Hamilton

The Impact of seq on Free Theorems-Based Program Transformations
Patricia Johann and Janis Voigtländer

Implementing Typeful Program Transformations
Chiyan Chen, Rui Shi and Hongwei Xi

Program Transformation with Scoped Dynamic Rewrite Rules
Martin Bravenboer, Arthur van Dam, Karina Olmos and Eelco Visser

Control Generation by Program Transformation
Andy King and Jonathan C. Martin

A Multiple-Clause Folding Rule Using Instantiation and Generalization
David A. Rosenblueth

Contents of Volume 69, Number 3, Winter 2005-2006

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Supporting Action-at-a-distance in Situated Cellular Agents
Stefania Bandini, Giancarlo Mauri and Giuseppe Vizzari

Efficient Parallel Query Processing by Graph Ranking
Dariusz Dereniowski and Marek Kubale

Similarity MV-algebras
B. Gerla and I. Leu stean

Regular Expressions for Languages over Infinite Alphabets
Michael Kaminski and Tony Tan

An Image Retrieval System Based on the Color, Areas, and Perimeters of Objects
Ching-Lin Wang, Ren-Hung Hwang, Yung-Kuan Chan, Chih-Ya Chen and Chuan-Chung Cheng

The Axiomatization of the Rough Set Upper Approximation Operations
Gui-Long Liu

On k-NN Method with Preprocessing
Zbigniew Suraj and Pawel Delimata

69 (4)~2006

Contents of Volume 69, Number 4, Winter 2005-2006

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On the Axioms of Residuated Structures: Independence, Dependencies and Rough Approximations
Davide Ciucci

Multistrategy Operators for Relational Learning and Their Cooperation
Floriana Esposito, Nicola Fanizzi, Stefano Ferilli, Teresa M.A. Basile and Nicola Di Mauro

Eliptic Curve Based Threshold Proxy Signature Scheme with Known Signers
Jacek Pomykała and Sławomir Barabasz

On minimal models of the Region Connection Calculus
Lirong Xia and Sanjiang Li