Contents of Fundamenta Informaticae Volume 67

Number 1-3, June-July 2005
Number 4, July 2005

Contents of Volume 67, Number 1-3, June-July 2005

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Preface i-i

Abstract Interpretation of an Object Calculus for Synchronization Optimizations
Roberto Barbuti and Stefano Cataudella

A Probabilistic Model for Molecular Systems
Roberto Barbuti, Stefano Cataudella, Andrea Maggiolo-Schettini, Paolo Milazzo and Angelo Troina

Higher order Programming in Java: Introspection, Subsumption and Extraction
Marco Bellia and M. Eugenia Occhiuto

An Axiomatic Framework for Proving Correctness of Nets
Ludwik Czaja

Petri Net Processes for Zero-Safe Nets
Berndt Farwer  and  Michael Köhler

Satisfiability and Meaning of Formulas and Sets of Formulas in Approximation Spaces
Anna Gomolińska

On Star-Connected Flat Languages
Barbara Klunder, Edward Ochmański and Krystyna Stawikowska

Automatic Modeling and Analysis of MSC-specified Systems
Sergiy Kryvyy, Lyudmila Matvyeyeva and Mariya Lopatina

Probability in Petri Nets
Manfred Kudlek

Flexible Indiscernibility Relations for Missing Attribute Values
Rafał Latkowski

Time Petri Nets for Modelling and Analysis of Biochemical Networks
Louchka Popova-Zeugmann, Monika Heiner and Ina Koch

Extreme Runtimes of Schedules Modelled by Time Petri Nets
Louchka Popova-Zeugmann and Matthias Werner

Associative Omega-products of Traces
Roman R. Redziejowski

Social Formation of Negotiation Space and Groups for Non-Isolated Multilateral Negotiations
Kay Schröter, Diemo Urbig and Nora Hans

Modelling Complex Patterns by Information Systems
Jarosław Stepaniuk, Jan G. Bazan and Andrzej Skowron

A Controller Design for the Khepera Robot: A Rough Set Approach
Zbigniew Suraj, James F. Peters and Piotr Grochowalski .

Restriction-Based Concurrent System Design Using the Rough Set Formalism
Zbigniew Suraj and Krzysztof Pancerz

Spatio-Temporal Approximate Reasoning over Complex Objects
Piotr Synak, Jan G. Bazan, Andrzej Skowron and James F. Peters

Weight-Based Negotiation Mechanisms: Balancing Personal Utilities
Diemo Urbig

Universal Semi-local Election Protocol Using Forward Links
Dobiesław Wróblewski

SAT-based Reachability Checking for Timed Automata with Diagonal Constraints
Andrzej Zbrzezny

Contents of Volume 67, Number 4, July 2005

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A New Partial Semantics for Disjunctive Deductive Databases
Françoise Gire and Corinne Plourde

Tabular Expressions and Their Relational Semantics
Ryszard Janicki and Alan Wassyng

KDS-transformation for Data Compression
Ionut Popa

First and Second Order Recursion on Abstract Data Types
Jian Xu and Jeffery Zucker