Contents of Fundamenta Informaticae Volume 66

Number 1-2, March-April 2005
Number 3, April 2005
Number 4, April-May 2005

Contents of Volume 66, Number 1-2, March-April 2005

Special issue on Advances in Mining Graphs, Trees and Sequences

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Preface i-iv

A Dichotomic Search Algorithm for Mining and Learning in Domain-Specific Logics
Sébastien Ferré and Ross D. King

Efficiently Mining Frequent Embedded Unordered Trees
Mohammed J. Zaki

A General Framework for Mining Frequent Subgraphs from Labeled Graphs
Akihiro Inokuchi, Takashi Washio and Hiroshi Motoda

Graph-based Relational Learning with Application to Security
Lawrence Holder, Diane Cook, Jeff Coble and Maitrayee Mukherjee

Detecting Irrelevant Subtrees to Improve Probabilistic Learning from Tree-structured Data
Amaury Habrard, Marc Bernard and Marc Sebban

Constructing a Decision Tree for Graph-Structured Data and its Applications
Warodom Geamsakul, Tetsuya Yoshida, Kouzou Ohara, Hiroshi Motoda, Hideto Yokoi and Katsuhiko Takabayashi

Frequent Subtree Mining - An Overview
Yun Chi, Richard R. Muntz, Siegfried Nijssen and Joost N. Kok

Contents of Volume 66, Number 3, April 2005

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Generalized Interpolation in First Order Logic
Tomasz Borzyszkowski

Synchronous and Asynchronous Communications in Composable Parameterized High-Level Petri Nets
Raymond Devillers and Hanna Klaudel

Tracing Relations Probabilistically
Ernst-Erich Doberkat

On Winning Conditions of High Borel Complexity in Pushdown Games
Olivier Finkel

On Effective Methods for Diagnosis of Retaining Faults in Circuits
Albina Moshkova

Contents of Volume 66, Number 4, April-May 2005

Special Issue on Program Transformation, Part I

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Point-free Program Transformation
Alcino Cunha and Jorge Sousa Pinto

Proof Methods for Corecursive Programs
Jeremy Gibbons and Graham Hutton

A Method for Automatic Program Inversion Based on LR(0) Parsing
Robert Glück and Masahiko Kawabe

There and Back Again
Olivier Danvy and Mayer Goldberg

Infinite Unfolding and Transformations of Nondeterministic Programs
Bjrn Lisper