Contents of Fundamenta Informaticae Volume 65.

Number 1-2, February-March 2005
Number 3, March 2005
Number 4, March 2005

Contents of Volume 65, Number 1-2, February-March 2005

Special issue with selected papers from TLCA 2003

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Preface i-i

∂ for Data: Differentiating Data Structures
Michael Abbott, Thorsten Altenkirch, Conor McBride and Neil Ghani

Synthesis of max-plus quasi-interpretations
Roberto M. Amadio

Inductive types in the Calculus of Algebraic Constructions
Frédéric Blanqui

Principal Typing for Lambda Calculus in Elementary Affine Logic
Paolo Coppola and Simona Ronchi della Rocca

A Logical Framework with Dependently Typed Records
Thierry Coquand, Randy Pollack and Makoto Takeyama

On l-Definability I: the Fixed Model Problem and Generalizations of the Matching Problem
Thierry Joly

Parameterizations and Fixed-Point Operators on Control Categories
Yoshihiko Kakutani and Masahito Hasegawa

Sequentiality in Bounded Biorders
Jim Laird

Contents of Volume 65, Number 3, March 2005

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Tracing Relations Probabilistically
Ernst-Erich Doberkat

Behaviour and Instantiation of High-Level Petri Net Processes
Hartmut Ehrig

Super Rough Semantics
A. Mani

Real Recursive Functions and Baire Classes
Jerzy Mycka

About Splicing P Systems with One Membrane
Sergey Verlan and Maurice Margenstern

Contents of Volume 65, Number 4, March 2005

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An Image Hiding Scheme Based on Multi-bit-reference Substitution Table Using Dynamic Programming Strategy
Chi-Shiang Chan and Chin-Chen Chang

Revealed Preference, Congruence and Rationality: A Fuzzy Approach
Irina Georgescu

On countable RCC models
Sanjiang Li, Mingsheng Ying and Yongming Li

Data Compressor for VQ Index Tables
Tzu-Chuen Lu and Chin-Chen Chang

R. Thomas' Modeling of Biological Regulatory Networks: Introduction of Singular States in the Qualitative Dynamics
Adrien Richard, Jean-Paul Comet and Gilles Bernot