Contents of Fundamenta Informaticae Volume 64.

Number 1-4, February 2005

Contents of Volume 64, Number 1-4, February 2005

Special issue to honor the 80-th birthday of Professor Solomon Marcus

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Mathematical Chemistry: (3,g)-Cages with Girth g, Topological Indices, and Other Graph-Theoretical Problems
Alexandru T. Balaban

Biosyntax. An Overview
Gemma Bel Enguix and Maria Dolores Jiménez López 1

On P Systems and Almost Periodicity
Francesco Bernardini, Marian Gheorghe and Vincenzo Manca 2

Proving as a Computable Procedure
Cristian S. Calude and Sergiu Rudeanu

Results on Transforming NFA into DFCA
Cezar Câmpeanu, Lila Kari and Andrei Paun

Time and Synchronization in Membrane Systems
Matteo Cavaliere and Drago Sburlan

On Total Contextual Grammars with Restricted Choice
Rodica Ceterchi and Radu Gramatovici

An Automata Description of the Genetic Message Translation
Gabriel Ciobanu and Mihai Gontineac

Contextual Grammars with Subregular Choice
Jürgen Dassow

Fast Data Compression with Antidictionaries
Michael Davidson and Lucian Ilie

Rank Distance with Applications in Similarity of Natural Languages
Liviu P. Dinu

New Iteration Lemmata for Regular Languages
Pál Dömösi and Manfred Kudlek

Representations of Recursively Enumerable Array Languages by Contextual Array Grammars
Henning Fernau, Rudolf Freund and Markus Holzer

Parsing Local Internal Contextual Languages with Context-Free Choice
Radu Gramatovici and Florin Manea

Does Light Direct Life Toward Cosmic Awareness?
Tom Head

Refinement in Finite State Machine Testing
Florentin Ipate, Tudor Balanescu 1

Complete Testing from a Stream X-Machine Specification
Florentin Ipate and Mike Holcombe

Deterministic Two-Way Restarting Automata and Marcus Contextual Grammars
Tomasz Jurdziński, Friedrich Otto, Frantiek Mráz and Martin Plátek

On the Relationship Between Multiple Brackets and Selector Languages in Bracketed Contextual Grammars
Martin Kappes

Further Results on Contextual and Rewriting P Systems
Shankara Narayanan Krishna, R. Rama and H. Ramesh

On Probabilistic Contextual Grammars
Manfred Kudlek

On the Logic and Geometry of Bilinear Forms
Vincenzo Manca 2

Logical Analysis of Biological Systems
Radu Mardare and Corrado Priami

Time-Varying Distributed H Systems: An Overview
Maurice Margenstern, Sergey Verlan and Yurii Rogozhin

Marcus External Contextual Grammars: From One to Many Dimensions
Victor Mitrana

On Characterizing Recursively Enumerable Languages by Insertion Grammars
Madhu Mutyam, Kamala Krithivasan and A. Siddhartha Reddy

Construction of Contextual Grammars
Miroslav Novotný 325-340

Contextual Grammars with Uniform Sets of Trajectories
Alexander Okhotin and Kai Salomaa

Symport/Antiport P Systems with Three Objects Are Universal
Gheorghe Paun, Mario J. Pérez-Jiménez, Juan Pazos and Alfonso Rodrí guez-Patón

Flow Graphs and Intelligent Data Analysis
Zdzisław Pawlak

On Rough Set Logics Based on Similarity Relations
Lech Polkowski and Maria Semeniuk-Polkowska

On the Injectivity of Parikh Matrix Mappings
Arto Salomaa

w-rewriting the Collatz problem
Giuseppe Scollo

Rough Sets and Vague Concepts
Andrzej Skowron

Word Sense Disambiguation by Machine Learning Approach: A Short Survey
Doina Tatar

Deterministic Complexity and Entropy
Mark R. Titchener, Aaron Gulliver, Radu Nicolescu, Ulrich Speidel and Ludwig Staiger

Asymptotic Properties of the Factors of Words Over a Finite Alphabet
Ioan Tomescu

State Complexity: Recent Results and Open Problems
Sheng Yu