Contents of Fundamenta Informaticae Volume 61.

Number 1, April 2004

Number 2, April - May 2004

Number 3-4, May - June 2004

Contents of Volume 61, Number 1, April 2004
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Integrating Forms of Interaction in a Distributed Model
Stefania Bandini and Carla Simone

Register Cellular Automata in the Hyperbolic Plane
Serge Grigorieff and Maurice Margenstern

Conjoinability in Pregroups
Aleksandra Ki¶lak-Malinowska  

A Note on 3-valued Rough Logic Accepting Decision Rules
Lech Polkowski

Asynchronous Circuits, Communicating Processes, and Muller Automaton
Roman R. Redziejowski

Semirings in Operations Research and Computer Science: More Algebra
Sergiu Rudeanu and Drago Vaida

Contents of Volume 61, Number 2, April - May  2004
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Consecutive Optimization of Decision Trees Concerning Various Complexity Measures
Mikhail Ju. Moshkov and Igor V. Chikalov .

Discovery of Asynchronous Concurrent Models from Experimental Tables
Krzysztof Pancerz and Zbigniew Suraj

Hyperplane Aggregation of Dominance Decision Rules
Roman Pindur, Robert Susmaga and Jerzy Stefanowski

Learning First-Order Rules: A Rough Set Approach
Jarosław Stepaniuk and Piotr Hońko

Reducts and Constructs in Attribute Reduction
Robert Susmaga

Contents of Volume 61, Number 3-4,  May - June  2004
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Located Actions in Process Algebra with Timing
Jan A. Bergstra and Cornelis A. Middelburg

A Refined VQ-Based Image Compression Method
Yung-Kuan Chan, Her-Fa Wang and Chin-Fan Lee

Consistency Conditions in Fuzzy Consumers Theory
Irina Georgescu

On the Relationship Between Monadic and Weak Monadic Second Order Logic on Arbitrary Trees, with Applications to the mu-Calculus
David Janin and Giacomo Lenzi

Asymptotics for Length and Trajectory from Cumulative Chord Piecewise-Quartics
Ryszard Kozera

C1 Interpolation with Cumulative Chord Cubics
Ryszard Kozera and Lyle Noakes

Dual LDA for Face Recognition
Władysław Skarbek, Krzysztof Kucharski and Mirosław Bober 3

Fast Index Filtering in Vector Approximation File
Władysław Skarbek, Thomas Sikora and Grzegorz Galinski

A Method to Prove Non-Reachability in Priority Duration Petri Nets
Matthias Werner, Louchka Popova-Zeugmann and Jan Richling

Image Indexing by Distributed Color Temperature Descriptions
Karol Wnukowicz

Scenery Image Segmentation Using Support Vector Machines
Yuan-Hui Yu and Chin-Chen Chang

Enhanced of Key Agreement Protocols Resistant to a Denial-of-Service Attack
Min-Shiang Hwang, Jung-Wen Lo and Chia-Hsin Liu