Contents of Fundamenta Informaticae Volume 60.

Number 1-4, April 2004

Contents of Volume 60, Number 1-4, April 2004
Special volume with selected papers from CS&P 2003 workshop
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Preface i-ii

Bilateral Ranking Negotiations
Antoni Mazurkiewicz

Exploiting Labels in Structural Operational Semantics
Peter D. Mosses

Decision Rules and Dependencies
Zdzisław Pawlak

Entish: A Language for Describing Data Processing in Open Distributed Systems
Stanisław Ambroszkiewicz

Abstract Interpretation against Races
Roberto Barbuti, Stefano Cataudella and Luca Tesei

Concrete and Abstract Semantics to Check Secure Information Flow in Concurrent Programs
Cinzia Bernardeschi, Nicoletta De Francesco, Giuseppe Lettieri  

Models and Parallel Programming Abstractions to Enhance Concurrency of Parallel Programs
Anatoliy Doroshenko and Georgy Tseitlin .

Mobile Object-Net Systems and their Processes
Berndt Farwer and Michael Köhler

A New Synchronisation Model for Multi-Level Object Petri Nets
Berndt Farwer and Manfred Kudlek

On Fuzzy Reasoning Using Matrix Representation of Extended Fuzzy Petri Nets
B. Fryc, K. Pancerz, J.F. Peters and Z. Suraj  

A Graded Meaning of Formulas in Approximation Spaces
Anna Gomolińska

Data Mining and Its Use in Texture Analysis
Martin Heckel and Jaroslav Zendulka  

Slicing Timed Systems
Agata Janowska and Paweł Janowski  

On Designated Values in Multi-Valued CTLS* Model Checking
Beata Konikowska and Wojciech Penczek

Communities of Interacting Automata for Modelling Distributed Systems with Dynamic Structure
Irina A. Lomazova

Best Fairness Hierarchy in Elementary Nets
Edward Ochmański

Discovering Concurrent Models from Data Tables with the ROSECON System
Krzysztof Pancerz and Zbigniew Suraj  

The Performance Evaluation Tool for Automated Prototyping of Concurrent Cyclic Processes
Michał Polak, Paweł Majdzik, Zbigniew Banaszak and Robert Wójcik

Some Remarks on Sets of Commun
Lech Polkowski and Maria Semeniuk-Polkowska

Minimization Algorithms for Time Petri Nets
Agata Półrola and Wojciech Penczek

On Associative Omega-Products
Roman R. Redziejowski  

Complex Patterns
Andrzej Skowron and Piotr Synak

Compositional Synthesis of Generalized Mealy Machines
Simone Tini and Andrea Maggiolo-Schettini 367-382

Open Maps and Observational Equivalences for Timed Partial Order Models
Irina B. Virbitskaite and Natalya S. Gribovskaya

Galois Connections and Data Analysis
Marcin Wolski  

Improvements in SAT-based Reachability Analysis for Timed Automata
Andrzej Zbrzezny