Contents of Fundamenta Informaticae Volume 58.

Number 1, November 2003

Number 2, November - December 2003

Number 3-4, December 2003

Contents of Volume 58, Number 1, November 2003
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Graph Transformation with Time
Szilvia Gyapay, Dániel Varró and Reiko Heckel 

Euler Graphs, Triangle-Free Graphs and Bipartite Graphs in Switching Classes
Jurriaan Hage, Tero Harju and Emo Welzl 

Abstraction and Control for Shapely Nested Graph Transformation
Berthold Hoffmann 

Contents of Volume 58, Number 2, November-December 2003
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Solving a PSPACE-Complete Problem by Recognizing P Systems with Restricted Active Membranes
Artiom Alhazov, Carlos Martín-Vide and Linqiang Pan 

Fuzzy Closure Operators Induced by Similarity
Radim Blohlávek 79-91

A New Channel for Image Hiding Based on Interpolating polynomials
Chao-Wen Chan and Chin-Chen Chang 

Reasoning and Learning in Extended Structured Bayesian Networks
Mieczysław A. Kłopotek 1

On (weakly) local approximation spaces of information systems
Hui Kou and Maokang Luo 

Risk in Control. On the Notion of Risk Function
Tomasz Terlikowski 

An Improvement to Image Segment Based on Human Visual System for Object-based Coding
Chwei-Shyong Tsai and Chin-Chen Chang 

A DWT-based Deblocking Technique Based on Edge Detection and Zero Masking for Reducing Blocking Effect
Chwei-Shyong Tsai and Chin-Chen Chang 

Hiding Digital Watermarks Using Fractal Compression Technique
H.Ch. Wu and Ch.Ch. Chang 

Contents of Volume 58, Number 3-4, December 2003
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Cellular automata with vanishing particles
Petr Krka

Almost Periodic Configurations on Linear Cellular Automata
Klaus Sutner

Simulations Between Cellular Automata on Trees Extended by Horizontal Edges
Thomas Worsch

Simulations Between Multi-dimensional Deterministic and Alternating Cellular Automata
Chuzo Iwamoto, Katsuyuki Tateishi, Kenichi Morita and Katsunobu Imai 2

Space- and Time-Bounded Nondeterminism for Cellular Automata
Martin Kutrib and Jan-Thomas Löwe

Embedding Universal Delay-Insensitive Circuits in Asynchronous Cellular Spaces
Jia Lee, Susumu Adachi, Ferdinand Peper and Kenichi Morita

Theory and Application of Cellular Automata For Pattern Classification
Pradipta Maji, Chandrama Shaw, Niloy Ganguly, Biplab K. Sikdar and P. Pal Chaudhuri

On One-Way Cellular Automata with a Fixed Number of Cells
Andreas Malcher

Tools for devising cellular automata in the hyperbolic 3D space.
Maurice Margenstern and Gencho Skordev

Information Dynamics of Cellular Automata  I -An Algebraic Study-
Hidenosuke Nishio and Takashi Saito

Real-Time Generation of Primes by a 1-Bit-Communication Cellular Automaton
Hiroshi Umeo and Naoki Kamikawa