Contents of Fundamenta Informaticae Volume 57.

Number 1, October 2003

Number 2-4, November 2003

Contents of Volume 57, Number 1, October 2003
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An extended Relational Algebra on Abstract Objects for summarizing answers to queries
Robert Demolombe 

The Intrinsic Complexity of Learning: A Survey
Sanjay Jain 

Learning Recursive Theories in the Normal ILP Setting
Donato Malerba 

Eventually Dual Failure Agreement
Shu-Ching Wang and Chieng-Fu Cheng 

Contents of Volume 57, Number 2-4, November 2003
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Quasi-Possibilistic Logic and its Measures of Information and Conflict
Didier Dubois, Sébastien Konieczny and Henri Prade 

A Fuzzy Modal Logic for Belief Functions
Lluís Godo,  Petr Hájek and Francesc Esteva

Towards a Framework for Approximate Ontologies
Patrick Doherty, Michał Grabowski, Witold Łukaszewicz and Andrzej Szałas 

Probabilistic Complex Actions in GOLOG
Henrik Grosskreutz and Gerhard Lakemeyer 

Formalizing Defeasible Logic in CAKE
Ewa Madalińska-Bugaj and Witold Łukaszewicz 1

From Rough Sets to Rough Knowledge Bases
Aida Vitória, Carlos Viegas Damásio and Jan Małuszyński 

From Tableaux to Automata for Description Logics
Franz Baader, Jan Hladik, and Carsten Lutz 

A Modal Characterization of Nash Equilibrium
Paul Harrenstein, Wiebe van der Hoek, John-Jules Meyer and Cees Witteveen 

Modal Probability, Belief, and Actions
Andreas Herzig 

Monitoring Agents using Declarative Planning
Jürgen Dix, Thomas Eiter, Michael Fink, Axel Polleres and Yingqian Zhang 

Intelligent Execution Monitoring in Dynamic Environments
Matthias Fichtner, Axel Großmann and Michael Thielscher 

Graphs and Colorings for Answer Set Programming with Preferences
Kathrin Konczak, Torsten Schaub and Thomas Linke